Support your favourite team & earn big this football season!

About This Offer

Support your favorite team on the U By Emaar mobile application and earn up to 5X Upoints on your F&B spending at participating Emaar Hospitality outlets.

Select a team for every match at the U By Emaar Football Cup and earn more when you spend.

This offer is valid from 20 November to 18 December.

Note to the members:

  • Members downloading and sign in / sign up on the U By Emaar app will be able to see the upcoming match for the Football Cup (Via a splash screen)
  • At the splash screen member shall have an option to ‘SKIP’ to dismiss the splash screen and continue using the app
  • Members will be able to view the match schedule for that day and a member shall be able to select their favorite team in every match
  • Should the member’s selected team be declared as the match winner, based on the member's total transaction for that specific date, he/she shall be receiving X (2X/3X/4X/5X) UPoints as campaign bonus Upoints
  • Based on the number of total matches scheduled for a specific day, a member shall be eligible to choose one team against each match
  • On days where there are 2 or more matches scheduled, if both teams selected by the member win, the member shall be eligible to earn bonus Upoints for 1 winning only
  • A member shall be eligible to receive Campaign Bonus Upoints against each transaction performed on that specific day
  • For qualifying transactions, Bonus campaign Upoints will be automatically credited to the member’s account within 24-48 hours of the transaction

U By Emaar Football Cup terms and conditions

  1. Members can support their favorite team on the U By Emaar app and enjoy additional Upoints when they Dine at any of the following Emaar Hospitality properties - Armani, Address Hotels + Resorts, Vida Hotels & Resorts, Rove Hotels, Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, Montgomerie Golf Club.
  2. Offer is not applicable for in-room dining and banquet services.
  3. Members will be required to download the app and support a team on the U By Emaar mobile application.
  4. Members can select a team of their choice for every match; but once the selection is made, a member cannot change it.
  5. When their selected team wins, their spends for the day are eligible for accelerated Upoints as per the ‘Acceleration Schedule’
  6. All matches and accelerated earnings are as per the schedule published, any change in timings, teams and other information is subject to change at Emaar’s discretion without prior notice.
  7. Members will only be allowed to select a team 48 hours prior and up to 10 minutes once the match starts as per the schedule on the U By Emaar app.
  8. Match start timings are as per the schedules on the U By Emaar app, U By Emaar will not be responsible for any change or cancellation of any matches due to any reasons.
  9. Participating business and U By Emaar supersede any pending decisions that determine the outcome of any disputed accelerated earnings.
  10. The U By Emaar Football Cup does not represent or in any way is partnered with the FIFA WORLD CUP 2022™.
  11. U By Emaar program conditions apply

Acceleration Schedule

  1. All Group Stage matches are eligible for 2X Upoints earnings
  2. All Round of 16 matches is eligible for 3X Upoints earnings
  3. All quarter-final matches and the semifinal matches are eligible for 4X Upoints earnings
  4. The third Place & final match is eligible for 5X Upoints earnings

Acceleration Rewards Structure

  1. Accelerated rewards will be credited to members' account based on the schedule updated on the U By Emaar app.
  2. Eligibility criteria to earn accelerated rewards is based on the supported team winning a particular match on the date of the transaction.
  3. All accelerated earnings will only be calculated on the base earnings as per U By Emaar program rules.
  4. On days where there are 2 or more matches scheduled, if both teams selected by the member wins, member shall be eligible to earn bonus Upoints for 1 winning only. A member shall be eligible to receive Campaign Bonus Upoints against each of the transactions performed on that specific day.
  5. Base earnings across all U By Emaar participating outlets are 1 Upoint on every AED 2 spent.


  1. All transactions made across participating U By Emaar venues at Emaar Hospitality are eligible to participate in this promotion.
  2. Any transaction made after supporting a team on the app stands eligible for bonus Upoints as per the acceleration schedule.
  3. All transactions are required to be fully paid to be eligible for bonus Upoints earnings.
  4. Transactions will be required to be made on the same calendar day as the start time of the match only.
  5. If a match continues into the next day as per Gulf Standard Time, F&B transactions across Emaar Hospitality dining venues only before 3.00 am GST will be considered.
  6. Spends after any discounts including tier discounts, outlet packages, taxes, government fees, and similar charges will only be considered eligible transactions.
  7. In the event of any disputes, U By Emaar reserves the right to withdraw any benefits, offers, discounts, and accelerated Upoints to be awarded as part of this campaign.
  8. Emirates NBD U By Emaar credit card holders will only be rewarded accelerated earnings on transactions made within Emaar Hospitality by scanning the bar code behind the Emirates NBD U By Emaar credit card and then completing the transaction using the same card.

Governing Law:

  • This discount and the procedures associated with it shall be subject to UAE Federal Laws and the law of the Emirate of Dubai. Any dispute shall be referred to the Dubai Courts (excluding DIFC courts)
  • All discounts and related benefits are subject to U By Emaar program terms and conditions
  • Any accelerated Upoints and benefits as part of this campaign stand to be refused should any of the above terms and conditions are not met
  • U By Emaar program terms and conditions apply


Support your favorite team & earn up to 5X Upoints

If you are an exiting user of U By Emaar, download the app and login with you old credentials.

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